Welcome to Düsseldorf, Germany

TYPO3 Developer Days 2018

21st–24th June

Frequently Asked Questions

I need lunch/Dinner on Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday or  - what can I do?

As the event starts on Thursday after lunch, we will not offer lunch for free. But you can get your lunch at the hostel. You need to pay for it by yourself. Price is  € 7.

When can I check in to the hostel in Düsseldorf?

You can check from 3pm - if you arrive earlier you can store your luggage in the hostel.

How to get to the location from Central Station or Düsseldorf Airport?

Take the train (U70 U74 U75 U76 U77) to Luegplatz. It is 8 minutes from the Hostel by feet.

You can pay your tickets by Card or Cash. Please note: not all cards will be accepted.

Will I need a special power adapter for Germany?

In Germany we use Type C and/or Type F.

Will I need Euros?

Perhaps :) - If you want to buy something and don't want to pay by CC. Not all shops and restaurants take cards and not all cards will be accepted.

Can I get a single room at the hostel?

No. We start with double up to 4-bed rooms.

Can I expect a peaceful night's sleep?

There will be people outside during the evening. If you need to go to bed early, please bring earplugs.

Is there air conditioning in the bed-rooms at the hostel?

No, sorry.

Can I bring my partner/non-dev to the event?

Yes. Partner tickets will be offered on the registration page, but your partner may not join the sessions. He/she can only attend the social events.

Are dogs allowed in the hostel?

No, sorry guys, no pets are allowed.

How do I get around in Düsseldorf?

You can read more about travel option while visiting Düsseldorf here.


Please note: We can only offer you a T-Shirt if you register before 1st May. 

Can I arrive on Wednesday?

Yes, we booked some additional rooms. If you also need some food on Wednesday evening, please let us know in your registration. Dinner for Wednesday needs to be payed directly in the Hostel (7 Euros per Person).

Is there anything planned for me if I arrive on Wednesday?

We can offer you a beer safari in the Düsseldorf Altstadt. You will find some details later on the page and in the registration form too.

Further questions? Please write an email to Andrea.