Welcome to Düsseldorf, Germany

TYPO3 Developer Days 2018

21st–24th June


Enjoy the best Youth Hostel standards at Düsseldorf Youth Hostel. Like with earlier Developer Days we consider it important to have everything bound to the event at the same location - sessions as well as accommodation. So we booked the hostel for the T3DD exclusively.


The Youth hostel offers modern and comfortable rooms. The standard rooms have a double bed. The bathroom has a shower. Breakfast is included in the price.

We can offer you also a 4-bed-room. Please add your roommates in your registration form. You will find all prices in the registration form.

Price per night and bed: Standard room 55 €, 4-bed-room: 40 €

We have NO WiFi in the hostel rooms.

Towels and bedding are included.


For all of you who will stay at the hostel, breakfast is included for all days of your stay.
Lunch is included for all attendees Friday and Saturday. We will not offer Lunch on Thursday and Sunday. But you can order Lunch at the hostel by our own. Price is € 7
Dinner is included for all attendees from Thursday - Saturday. But if you arrive Wednesday you can order Lunch/Dinner at the hostel by our own. Price is also € 7 for each.


Please note: Drinks are not included, except coffee. For social event you will get some vouchers for drinks.
You can buy some tokens for drinks during the event, each token is € 0.5


Beer 0,3: 2,5€
Weizen 0,5: 3€
Beer no alcohol 0,5: 3€
Softdrinks 0,3: 2€
Water 0,3: 2€
Wine 0,2: 4€